Lovelace Guides - Make the Home Assistant Dashboard Yours

Lovelace is the Home Assistant dashboard. It is what you see when you log in to your Home Assistant web interface. The beauty of Lovelace is that you can easily expand it with custom cards provided by the community. These Lovelace guides will cover everything from setting up cards to designing the perfect dashboards.

These are the most popular Lovelace (Home Assistant dashboard) cards

In this article, I will be taking a look at the three most popular Lovelace custom cards based on GitHub stars.

Home Assistant gets an air purifier card

The Purifier Card displays the state of your air purifier and allows to control it.

Integrating Sonarr with Home Assistant

I will cover the basics of integrating Sonarr with Home Assistant as well as the more advanced custom Upcoming Media Cards along with the Sonarr Upcoming Media integration.

How to integrate MeteoSwiss with Home Assistant

A guide on how to set up the MeteoSwiss integration with Home Assistant.