Nov 23, 2022

Nanoleaf's modular lights with Thread are discounted for a limited time

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Tired of only having boring lights in your smart home? Perhaps today's Nanoleaf discounts can convince you to bring more colour into your life. Everything from their Shapes, to Lines, and Canvas has received a hefty discount, making the otherwise pricey brand seem almost affordable.

The Nanoleaf Shapes come in various shapes in sizes, and they have recently been updated to include Thread. This makes them one of the first Thread Border Router capable devices, outside those from Google and Amazon. Though, perhaps controversially, Nanoleaf has not guaranteed that Matter will be added to any of their existing line-up, besides the Essentials lights. Home Assistant need not worry about any of that, as there is presently a solid integration available. The integration of Home Assistant with Nanoleaf doesn't rely on cloud services, and functions locally.

Nanoleaf's Shapes Hexagons and Shapes Triangles kits are currently discounted by US$50, while the Shapes Mini Triangles kit is available for less than half its original price. Besides Home Assistant, Nanoleaf Shapes will integrate with Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Razer Chrome, IFTTT, and SmartThings.

If triangles and hexagons aren't what you are after, Nanoleaf also discounted their Elements, Canvas, and Lines kits. As with the afformentioned Shapes, Nanoleaf Lines are a modular system, made up of backlit LED light bars. Elements are covered with a wood grain veneer, giving them a more sophisticated look when turned off. Canvas consists of touch-sensitive, modular light squares with edgeless illumination. As with the Shapes, Lines, Canvas, and Elements function as Thread Border Routers.

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