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Home Assistant Guide is your source for guides, news, and reviews related to the world’s most popular open-source home automation software. Home Assistant is an open-source DIY home automation platform. All you need to get started is a Raspberry Pi and a bit of patience.

What are ESP Web Tools?

The bar for entry to the world of cheap ESP8266 and ESP32 has been lowered with the release of ESP Web Tools. But what exactly are they?

The YIO Remote Two, an alternative to Harmony, will integrate with Home Assistant

The updated YIO Remote Two, an alternative to Logitech Harmony, will integrate with Home Assistant out of the box, promising a much easier setup.

What is room-assistant? A quick explainer

The room-assistant app takes presence detection to the next level. It not only tracks whether you are home, but in which room you are currently in.

Opening a garage with a fingerprint sensor ESPHome

A Home Assistant and ESPHome user used the GROW R503 fingerprint sensor to open a garage without any keys or cards and just their fingerprint.

The Philips Hue integration with Home Assistant is about to become faster

As of Home Assistant Core 2021.6, the Philips Hue integration with Home Assistant will support local pushing, a significant upgrade on local polling.

Outdated custom components and integrations might break in Home Assistant Core 2021.6

With Home Assistant Core 2021.6, a new requirement will be introduced which might cause old custom components and custom integrations to stop working.

How to easily integrate Tasker with Home Assistant

In this guide I will be showing you how to connect Tasker, the most popular automation app for Android, with Home Assistant.

Find an air quality monitor in your neighbourhood with Sensor.Community

The citizen science project Sensor.Community relies on those interested in highlighting the current state of our air quality.

My first WLED project was easier than expected

I finally built a small project that allowed me to use WLED for the first time. I used an ESP8266 board and a bunch of WS2812B LEDs to complete it.

How to use WLED to control NeoPixels or DotStars with an ESP8266 or ESP32

This WLED guide will give you an overview of what you need to get started. Find out which microcontroller and LED strip is best, and how to wire them.