A high-definition Loryta T5442TM-AS-LED security camera with advanced Smart AI technology and built-in IR LED for clear visibility up to 40 metres.

Loryta T5442TM-AS-LED

The Loryta T5442TM-AS-LED is a high-performance security camera equipped with a 1/1.8" 4-megapixel sensor, providing high image definition if in low-light situations. It features advanced Smart AI technology that includes face detection, perimeter protection, people counting, event triggering, and heat map generation. The built-in IR LED allows for clear visibility at a distance of up to 40 m (ca. 131 ftft). Additionally, the camera supports H.265 and H.264 triple-stream encoding at 25/30 FPS (2688 × 1520) and 50/60 FPS (1920 × 1080).

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