Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Extension, a 1-metre colourful LED strip designed to expand your existing light installation for a customisable and connected lighting experience.

Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Extension

The Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Extension is a 1M add-on strip designed to expand your existing Starter Kit, allowing for a total length of up to 10M with a single Controller. This extension requires a Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip Starter Kit and offers over 16 million colours for a diverse range of vibrant and saturated hues. The lightstrip features Circadian Lighting, which adjusts the colour temperature according to your body's natural clock, promoting productivity and comfort. Additionally, it provides vivid whites with an extended temperature range and is Thread Enabled for low latency, improved connection reliability and range when used with a compatible border router.

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