A NETGEAR Orbi 960 Series router, the world's most powerful whole-home Wi-Fi 6E system, providing extensive coverage and high-speed internet connection for up to 200 devices.

NETGEAR Orbi 960 Series

The NETGEAR Orbi 960 Series is the world's most robust whole-home Wi-Fi 6E system, offering unparalleled Wi-Fi speeds of up to 10.8Gbps and coverage of up to 9,000 square feet, inclusive of front and backyards. Its exclusive Quad-Band technology and Dedicated Backhaul Wi-Fi ensure maximum speeds for up to 200 connected devices. The system utilizes WiFi 6E, which opens up a new 6GHz band, thus delivering top speeds to the latest Wi-Fi 6E-ready devices. It also includes a 10 Gig internet port for the fastest download speeds and is compatible with the latest cable or fibre Internet service up to 10Gbps. The system comes with NETGEAR Armor software that provides real-time protection against hackers for your Wi-Fi and connected devices, and added privacy with VPN, with a 1-year subscription included.

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