One Channel Relay Module (5V) with direct connection terminals and a jumper for high or low trigger setting, exhibiting fault-tolerant design and SMD optocoupler isolation.

One Channel Relay Module (5V)

The One Channel Relay Module (5V) is equipped with a high-quality genuine relay and supports normally open interfaces. It can handle a maximum load of AC 250V/10A and DC 30V/10A, making it suitable for various applications. The module features SMD optocoupler isolation, ensuring strong driving capability and stable performance with a trigger current of just 5mA. It incorporates a fault-tolerant design, which guarantees that the relay remains inactive if the control line is broken. The module is designed with user convenience in mind, offering easy-to-use direct connection terminal leads for all interfaces. Additionally, it allows for flexible use with a jumper that can set the trigger to either high or low.

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