The Roborock S8 robotic vacuum, showcasing its advanced technology features, including 3D structured light, infrared technology, and LiDAR navigation for precise and efficient cleaning, on a range of floor surfaces.

Roborock S8

Release date: March, 2023

The Roborock S8 utilizes 3D structured light and infrared imaging technology to identify objects on the floor, making it able to bypass them in both bright and dark environments. Combined with LiDAR navigation and 3D mapping, it accurately maps out a space for customized cleaning. The latest dual rubber brush system ensures less hair entanglement and effectively cleans various floor types. The 6000Pa suction power provides deep cleaning that can effectively remove dust, debris, and pet hair. The VibraRise 2.0 offers high-speed scrubbing and consistent mopping pressure for effective stain removal. PreciSense LiDAR Navigation and Quick Mapping make it easy for the robot to navigate the home during cleaning.

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