A small, round Waterproof NFC Tag made of durable, waterproof PVC material, perfect for transforming your smartphone into a home automation hub.

Waterproof NFC Tags

These Waterproof Tags are designed to transform your smartphone into a home automation hub using NFC (Near Field Communication). These programmable tags enable you to automate daily routines, set reminders, control smart home devices and more by simply tapping your smartphone on the tag. Compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones, these tags require an app, such as NFC Tools or the companion app for Home Assistant, for use. The small, one-inch diameter tags are made of premium waterproof PVC materials, ensuring functionality for 10 years and lasting up to 100,000 read/write cycles. Although they do not come with back adhesives, they can easily be turned into NFC stickers using double-sided tape.

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