Waveshare 10.1-inch Capacitive Touch Display for Raspberry Pi with crystal-clear screen and toughened glass surface.

Waveshare 10.1 in Capacitive Touch Display for Raspberry Pi

The Waveshare 10.1 inch (ca. 26 cm) Capacitive Touch Display is a high-resolution IPS screen designed for Raspberry Pi, offering a hardware resolution of 1280×800. This display utilizes an optical bonding technique to ensure clearer imaging and supports 10-point capacitive touch control. Its touch panel is made from tempered glass with a 6H hardness rating, enhancing durability. The screen connects directly to a Raspberry Pi via the DSI interface, providing a smooth refresh rate of up to 60Hz. For ease of use, the display comes with a driver for the Raspberry Pi OS system and is compatible with Pi 4B, 3B+, 3A+, as well as CM3+/4 using a DSI cable. Additionally, the backlight can be adjusted through software, allowing for customized brightness levels.

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