The Area Card for Lovelace is an upcoming addition to the official selection

As the name suggests, the Area Card for Home Assistant's Lovelace dashboard lets you view information and control devices of a defined area.

Home Assistant entities are about to become neater and easier to use

The mess that is device entities in the Home Assistant UI will be cleaned up in the upcoming 2021.11 release. Learn everything about categories!

Home Assistant is finally getting an icon picker in the UI

With the upcoming release of Home Assistant 2021.11, the developers are adding an icon picker to the graphical interface.

How to use the Mini Media Player card in Home Assistant

This guide will introduce you to the popular Mini Media Player custom card for the Home Assistant Lovelace dashboard.

How to display Google Calendar in the Home Assistant dashboard

Once you have integrated a calendar with Home Assistant, the next best thing is to display it in the Lovelace dashboard.

Five new and popular Home Assistant Lovelace custom cards

This article will introduce you to five new custom cards rising in popularity for the already beautiful Home Assistant Lovelace Dashboard.

Track the sun’s elevation with this new gorgeous custom card

A Home Assistant community member has coded and published a custom card for Home Assistant that will display the sun’s elevation.

A Home Assistant Lovelace card for LG ThinQ washers and dryers

There is now an LG ThinQ washer and dryer custom card available for the Home Assistant dashboard which mimics the device’s physical controls.

A new battery state card for Home Assistant is finally here

With the Lovelace Battery Entity being stale, we now finally have an alternative way of monitoring batteries in Home Assistant: The Battery State Card.

Home Assistant gets an air purifier card

The Purifier Card displays the state of your air purifier and allows to control it.