Shelly is the flagship brand of the Bulgarian tech company Allterco, which also makes smartwatches for children, various trackers, and healthcare products. With offices in Sofia, Las Vegas, and Munich, the brand has a global presence and sells its products in 100 markets on three continents. Shelly is known for making high-quality, yet affordable smart home products that are open and community-driven.

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Shelly 2.5 Smart Home Device, Compact Dual-Circuit Controller for Energy Monitoring and Motorized Appliances

Shelly 2.5

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The Shelly Door Window 2 sensor. It consists of two parts: one contains the electronics, the other a magnet. Both are enclosed in a white plastic case.

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The blue Shelly 1 smart relay with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Shelly 1

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A Shelly Button White smart WiFi device placed on a wooden surface, illustrating its small size and discreet design suitable for non-invasive home automation control.

Shelly Button1

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