Home Assistant, ESPHome, and related communities

This site was founded with the goal of helping anyone, be they a beginner or an advanced user. Through limited time and not yet developed fortune telling, it is impossible for me to cover every single topic related to Home Assistant, ESPHome, Zigbee2MQTT, ZHA, or any of the other related applications. Below are a number of communities which will hopefully be able to help with any unique issues that come up.


Official Home Assistant channels

Official ESPHome channels

ESPHome can be as easy, or complicated, as you want it to be. You can keep a node nice and simple or bake any automations directly in to the code. The communities below are enthusiastic about their hobby and will surely offer support in sticky situations. Happy coding!

Official Zigbee2MQTT channels

Need help setting up your custom Zigbee network? Look no further than the official Zigbee2MQTT forums and Discord for support.


Other channels