Home Assistant Blueprints are pre-configured automation and script templates that can be easily imported into the Home Assistant platform. These Blueprints allow users to quickly set up automation tasks without having to configure each component manually. Blueprints come with certain parts marked as configurable, this allows users to create multiple automations based on the same blueprint, with each having its own configuration. For example, Home Assistant Blueprints could include adjusting the thermostat when the temperature in a room drops, or turning on lights when motion is detected.

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The IKEA STYRBAR is a small and economical option for those using Zigbee.

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Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (V2)

This Blueprint allows you to quickly configure the four buttons of the latest Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote.

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Linkind 1-Key Remote Control

The Linkind 1-Key Remote Control is short and has to functions that can be assigned to an action.

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Xiaomi/Mi/Aqara Cube

You can slide, knock, flip, and rotate this battery-powered remote.

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Philips Hue Tap

A Philips Hue Tap Switch, which is a round, wall-mounted smart light control. The switch is white with four buttons: three smaller ones in a triangular configuration and a larger one in the centre. Each button has a few dots indicating their respective button number from one to four. The Philips logo is at the top. The design is minimalistic and modern.

The Philips Hue Tap has four buttons which can be configured using this Home Assistant Blueprint.

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Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (V1)

The Philips Hue Dimmer, which has four buttons: on, off, brightness up, and brightness down.

A Blueprint to configure both single and long clicks on the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch.

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