Meet Liam Alexander Colman

I'm the person behind Home Assistant Guide and a technology enthusiast who is dedicated to providing my readers with the latest news and information on the latest technologies. I believe that Home Assistant is constantly evolving, and I'm committed to keeping my readers up-to-date on the latest developments.

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A serendipitous encounter: the birth of an obsession with Home Assistant

Greetings! Liam Alexander Colman here, the mind and pen behind Home Assistant Guide. A home automation aficionado, I must confess I was ensnared the instant I got my hands on those first Hue spots and a Hue bridge. Their harmonious collaboration with the Sleep as Android app in rousing me every morning was nothing short of magic. It was then that I grasped the allure of this captivating marriage of science and art. Transforming a mere space into a living, breathing entity with the power of technology still bewitches me to this day.

Discovering Home Assistant: a match made on Reddit

As fate would have it, I chanced upon the Home Assistant project on Reddit, and, well, the rest is a riveting tale of ever-growing obsession. My humble abode became a hive of Raspberry Pis, running a multitude of applications and services. The burgeoning list of self-hosted software brought with it an insatiable hunger for more computing prowess. Thus, I ventured into the realm of servers and desktop hardware, with Unraid as my trusty operating system.

Your home automation Sherpa awaits

So, if you're in pursuit of a seasoned Home Assistant and home automation devotee to guide you through the labyrinth of smart home technology, fear not, for you've found your man!