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Ever since discovering Home Assistant while browsing Reddit I’ve been hooked on automating every facet of my life. I started out with a Raspberry Pi but quickly switches to a full-blown server running on desktop hardware. I love open-source and self-hosted software. Besides running this website I have a food and lifestyle blog in German and a personal blog where I focus mainly on WordPress and Lightroom Classic. And did I mention that I also have a YouTube channel?

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You can send a donation directly using PayPal or send a monthly payment as a patron on Patreon. Every penny helps in keeping this website as wall as liamalexcolman.net online. Thank you!

Want to support me? Consider using any of the following links! For every sale I will get a small commission, at no extra cost to use. Keeping the lights on does cost money so any help is very much appreciated. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Webhosting in Switzerland

I use cyon to host all of my websites. This web host has never disappointed me and has excellent support.

Image optimisation using ShortPixel

I use ShortPixel to optimise images on my websites. It will make your site faster and thus your visitors, and perhaps more importantly Google, happier!

My WordPress theme of choice: GeneratePress

I exclusively use GeneratePress, possibly the best WordPress theme around.

The best SEO plugin for WordPress: SEOPress

SEOPress is in my humble the best SEO plugin for WordPress. I’ve been a loyal customer for a number of years and can whole-heartedly recommend SEOPress for every website!

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