Home Assistant, ESPHome, and Self-Hosted Software Changelogs

Home Assistant is constantly changing and evolving. One day, you might be editing your automations and scripts using YAML, the next you might be using a fancy and user-friendly interface. The same goes for ESPHome and many other self-hosted home automation software commonly used. The following articles will let you stay on top of everything that is new to your favourite applications.

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ESPHome lets you easily create LCD menus

ESPHome's new LCD Menu component will open up the world of creating information displays to those not experienced with electronics.

Home Assistant now lets you see the map

Home Assistant Core 2022.8 No comments

The map in Home Assistant Core 2022.8 makes use of colours and contrast that work not just with a light theme, but also in dark mode.

Home Assistant Core 2022.7 adds native support for the Aqara FP1

Home Assistant Core 2022.7 No comments

The Aqara FP1 presence, announced recently, caused a lot of buzz within the Home Assistant community. Why? Compared to standard passive infrared sensors (PIRs), it detects presence opposed to motion. This sensor can detect the smallest amount of motion, even breathing will trigger it. How does the Aqara FP1 work? The Aqara FP1 functions similarly ... Read more