Aqara Introduces Its First Global Matter over Thread Sensor: The Door and Window Sensor P2

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Aqara, a well-known name in the home automation industry, has launched its first global Matter over Thread sensor: the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2. This new product represents Aqara’s inaugural step into the Matter over Thread technology, offering seamless integration with any Thread Border Router and maintaining the energy efficiency characteristic of its Zigbee predecessors.


Overview of the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2

The Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 supports Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy, the latter of which aids in integrating the device into your existing Matter network. The sensor is powered by a CR123A battery, with a capacity of 1550 mAh that aims to provide longevity, though this will vary based on usage, router type, and distance from it.

Compact in design, the sensor's dimensions are 77 × 22 × 22 mm, with the magnet coming in at 36 × 11.5 × 7.3 mm. It comes with the necessary installation materials, including various magnets for setup flexibility.

A series of photos showing how Aqara imagines users will use the Door and Window Sensor P2

The Role of a Thread Border Router

A Thread Border Router is essential for connecting a Thread network to other IP-based networks, such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This integration is facilitated by devices like the Aeotec Smart Home Hub, Google Nest WiFi Pro, and the SmartThings Hub, among others. Even devices such as the fourth-gen Echo, HomePod mini, and the new Apple TV 4K, while not officially certified as Thread Border Routers, can perform this role within specific ecosystems like HomeKit.

The Home Assistant SkyConnect, which currently lacks Thread support, is expected to receive an update that will enable it to handle both Zigbee and Thread protocols.

Future Updates and Features for the Sensor

It is important to note that not all features will be available immediately upon release. For example, the sensor will initially lack a tamper alarm, a critical feature for security applications. Aqara plans to add this and other features such as adjustable sensitivity and a programmable button through future over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. The latter could serve as an SOS button or trigger any script you've programmed into it.

The delay in feature availability could be attributed to the rapid development timeline or the current limitations in integrating fully with Thread/Matter protocols, a challenge also observed with other Aqara sensors. But let me just put a quick disclaimer here—it's never a good idea to invest in a product solely based on promised features.

New Additions to the Aqara Sensor Line-up

Aqara is also expanding its sensor line-up with the upcoming Motion and Light Sensor P2, an upgrade to the existing P1 model, offering both movement and light level detection. This dual functionality aims to automate lighting based on environmental conditions, improving both convenience and energy efficiency.

Upcoming Aqara Hub M3

Details from a Swiss retailer reveal that the Aqara Hub M3 is forthcoming. This hub will support Matter protocols and act as a Thread Border Router, essential for integrating the new sensors into the Aqara Home app. The release of this hub is eagerly anticipated, as it will complete the setup for utilizing the full capabilities of the sensors. Until this new hub hits the shelves, you won't be able to add the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 or the Aqara Motion and Light Sensor P2 to your Aqara Home app.

Pricing and vailability

The Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 is being sold for CHF29.90 (about $33, including taxes) by Swiss-Domotique. The pricing suggests that the upcoming Motion and Light Sensor P2 may cost slightly more due to its advanced technology and the inclusion of Thread capability, which is a newer and potentially more expensive technology than the Zigbee 3.0 used in previous models.

Prospects for Thread-Enabled Aqara Products

Aqara is likely to update additional sensors with Thread technology, potentially including its vibration and temperature sensors. The Aqara Cube T1 Pro, which uses an NXP JN5189 microcontroller, could also be adapted to support Thread, depending on compatibility and existing hardware specifications. While the Cube T1 Pro might have the right chip for the job, it's still up in the air if it meets other prerequisites, like having enough memory.

The expansion of Aqara’s Thread-enabled product line signifies a steady advancement in smart home technology, focusing on improving integration and functionality across various smart home platforms. This introduction of the Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2 by Aqara brings a new level of interoperability and efficiency to smart home setups, supporting the ongoing evolution of the home automation industry.

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