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Home Assistant Guide is your source for guides, news, and reviews related to the world’s most popular open-source home automation software. Home Assistant is an open-source DIY home automation platform. All you need to get started is a Raspberry Pi and a bit of patience.

System Bridge is yet another way to integrate Windows with Home Assistant

I introduce you to my favourite integration of Windows with Home Assistant: System Bridge. This app sends notifications, commands, and gathers data.


How to add internal links to the Home Assistant sidebar

This guide will show you how to add custom links to internal pages to the Home Assistant dashboard’s sidebar.

Don’t expect a Home Assistant companion app for Windows anytime soon

This is why there isn’t a Home Assistant companion app, and likely won’t be one any time soon, for Windows.

The Home Assistant Area Card for Lovelace is here

The previously teased Area Card is the latest addition to the list of official Lovelace components. Read on to see this Home Assistant card in action.

Home Assistant’s configuration is getting a splash of colour

In what is shaping up to be a major update to the interface, Home Assistant 2021.12 will add colours to the currently rather monotonous configuration options.

Home Assistant gains a new entity: Buttons

Buttons are similar to switches, but whereas switches can be considered virtual latching switches, a button is a virtual momentary switch.

How to control Home Assistant from the Windows system tray using HA Menu

To celebrate HA Menu becoming available on Windows, I will be showing you how to set it up and, once the setup is complete, how to use it.

Philips has discounted several Hue lights for Cyber Monday

Despite numerous cheaper alternatives appearing on the market, you will unlikely find many with the same light quality as that produced by Philips Hue bulbs.

Want to use Valetudo? Get a discounted Dreametech robot vacuum cleaner

If you have been holding off using Valetudo, today’s discount on Dreametech robot vacuum cleaners might just tempt you.

Save yourself the hassle and finally get a discounted robot vacuum cleaner from Roborock

The discounted Roborock S series of robot vacuum cleaners have long been a community favourite.