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Xiaomi introduces the Wi-Fi 6 capable Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000

The Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 is about to take on the heavyweights of networking. It is an affordable, Wi-Fi capable, and fast mesh system.

How to use the Mini Media Player card in Home Assistant

This guide will introduce you to the popular Mini Media Player custom card for the Home Assistant Lovelace dashboard.

Xiaomi is finally giving up on the Mi branding

Xiaomi’s branding and naming scheme is a complete and utter mess. A recent announcement is a first step in the right direction: Mi is dead.

ESPHome will soon track iBeacon devices (beacons)

A pull request, that was merged with ESPHome just ten days ago, promises big things: ESPHome will soon track iBeacon devices.

Home Assistant turned eight and something new will be announced to celebrate

Eight years ago, balloob, created Home Assistant. To celebrate, the developers have teased an announcement being made on Wednesday, September 15.

The Garmin Connect integration with Home Assistant is now a custom component

The Garmin Connect integration with Home Assistant is now available as a custom component. This will let you view your health and fitness data.

Is ESPresense the successor to ESP32-mqtt-room we’ve been waiting for?

There is a new project attempting to solve room presence detection with ESP32 boards: ESPresense. But can it fulfil its promise?

Xiaomi Bluetooth thermometers can be hacked because, of course, they can

Three of Xiaomi’s Bluetooth thermometers and hygrometers can be hacked and flashed with custom firmware.

How to turn an old Android smartphone in to a security camera with IP Webcam

Using the Android app IP Webcam, you can turn any old phone in to a security camera that integrates with Home Assistant.

The unofficial Wyze integration with Home Assistant is partially back

Wyze has allowed the development of the Home Assistant custom component to continue, but not without any serious restrictions.