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TP-Link Tapo’s discounted security cameras are perfect for Frigate

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TP-Link’s security cameras sold under the Tapo branding are great for users of Home Assistant and Frigate, the open-source NVR.

Samsung’s discounted Galaxy Tabs are perfect for wall-mounting

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If wall-mounting a tablet is part of your smart home vision, then Samsung’s discounts on their Tabs might just be the perfect solution.

Eufy is uploading “local only” data to the cloud

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Eufy, who already has a bad security record, has secretly been uploading and tagging images of their users, despite making cloud-free promises.

Save energy by turning devices off with the discounted SONOFF S31

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SONOFF has discounted two of their Zigbee smart plugs: the S40 Lite ZB and S31 Lite ZB. Either model will play nicely with ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT.

Automate your dumb home with discounted SwitchBot gadgets

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SwitchBot’s discounted smart home devices are great at helping you automate any dumb devices you might still have in your smart home.

Nanoleaf’s modular lights with Thread are discounted for a limited time

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Everything from Nanoleaf’s Shapes, to Lines, and Canvas has received a hefty discount, making the otherwise pricey brand seem almost affordable.

Aqara launches the Cube T1 Pro with support for Zigbee 3.0

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Aqara’s Cube T1 Pro adds what we’ve all been waiting for: Zigbee 3.0 and HomeKit support, with promises of future compatibility with Matter.