A sturdy, aluminium Argon EON Pi NAS Case with an integrated heatsink and a PWM 60 mm fan, designed for Raspberry Pi 4. The case, accommodating two 3.5

Argon EON Pi NAS Case

The Argon EON Pi NAS Case is a sturdy storage solution for Raspberry Pi 4, accommodating two 3.5in SATA HDD and two 2.5in SATA HDD/SDD. It offers both passive and active cooling measures, featuring an aluminium case with an integrated heatsink and a PWM 60 mm fan. The design allows easy access to two full-sized HDMI ports and the GPIO pins, and includes a neat cable management system to decrease the risk of cable damage. The case also features a safe shutdown power button to prevent data loss or damage from unplugging the Raspberry Pi 4 directly. The aluminium case protects the exposed circuitry while also aiding heat dissipation, thus extending the Pi's lifespan. The case also includes an OLED display for cycling through Raspberry Pi 4 and drive information.

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