A sleek, metallic Argon ONE V2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4, featuring a back-located power button, a 30 mm cooling fan, and a removable magnetic lid covering the GPIO pins.

Argon ONE V2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4

The Argon ONE V2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4, coupled with the Argon Power Supply, offers a regulated 5.25V, 3.5A (18W) power through its USB-C connector. Not only does the case function as a heatsink for the Raspberry Pi, but it also features a 30 mm controllable fan for enhanced cooling. The design of the case ensures all the ports are tidily located at the back, reducing clutter. Further, the case includes a power button for safe shutdowns, reboots and forced shutdowns. A removable magnetic lid protects the GPIO pins when they're not in use.

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