Image showing the BTF-LIGHTING 6-Pin Solderless Connector Kit, including various connectors and extension wires, designed to facilitate seamless connections for 12 mm width LED strip lights.

BTF-LIGHTING 6-Pin Solderless Connector Kit

The BTF-LIGHTING 6-Pin Solderless Connector Kit is a comprehensive package designed to support 6-pin RGBCCT LED Strip Light of 12 mm width. The kit includes 8 corner connectors, 4 gapless, solderless connectors, and 4 15 cm 22 AWG extension wires, offering multiple uses such as extending your strip light, LED strip splicing, and corner connections. The transparent case ensures that the LED strip light is not blocked. Importantly, the kit facilitates a seamless connection, maintaining the gap between LEDs. It is compatible with 12 mm width SMD LED Strip lights.

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