A Chipolo ONE (2020) tracker, helping users find misplaced items through an app on their smartphone.

Chipolo ONE (2020)

The Chipolo ONE (2020) is a useful device that can be attached to items that are frequently misplaced, such as keys and wallets. By using the Chipolo app on your phone, you can make the attached item ring to locate it easily. The device is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices and also allows users to ring their misplaced phone by double-pressing the Chipolo. Furthermore, the Chipolo finders provide helpful notifications to ensure you do not forget your essentials, and if the device goes out of Bluetooth range, the last known location can be traced through the app. The Chipolo community can also assist in locating missing items. Additional features include sharing the Chipolo with loved ones, voice command integration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, widget creation on phone homescreens, and using the Chipolo as a remote selfie button for your phone camera.

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