A sleek and modern Creality K1 3D printer, designed for high-speed, efficient, stable, and precise printing with advanced features such as one-tap auto-leveling and dual cooling systems.

Creality K1

The Creality K1 3D printer is a highly efficient device, featuring a maximum speed of 600 mm/s and an acceleration of 20000 mm/s², making it 12 times faster than regular FDM 3D printers. The one-tap auto-levelling and dual cooling systems, including a large drum fan and a simulated wind tunnel design, allow for quick and effortless levelling and precise, accurate prints. The 18W auxiliary turbofan supports printing of structures with bridges and overhangs. The printer's G-sensor eliminates ringing issues, ensuring smooth and stable printing, while the die-cast frame parts, auxiliary cooling fan, CoreXY structure, and built-in vibration sensor provide stability and vibration-resistance even at high speeds. The precise Z-axis control minimizes layer lines for a smoother print, with details as fine as 0.1 mm.

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