A close-up image of a Double-Sided Perfboard, a rigid sheet with a grid of pre-drilled holes designed for soldering electronic components.

Double-Sided Perfboard (5×7 cm)

The Double-Sided Perfboard (5×7 cm) is a robust, perforated board with a grid of 0.1-inch (2.54 mm) spaced holes. These holes are designed to hold electronic components which can be soldered onto the board. Unlike a pre-printed circuit board (PCB), a perfboard operates as a “blank slate”, enabling the user to construct their own connections utilizing wire. This makes the perfboard ideal for prototyping, testing, and creating small, individualized projects. Perfboards are typically fabricated from materials such as phenolic resin or fibreglass and may feature copper pads around each hole, providing a surface for soldering. Some perfboards also incorporate strips of copper connecting the holes in each row, similar to a breadboard, simplifying the process of creating common connections.

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