A sleek Enbrighten Add-On Switch showcasing its compact design, equipped with innovative QuickFit and SimpleWire technologies for easy installation and reliable home automation.

Enbrighten Add-On Switch QuickFit and SimpleWire

The Enbrighten Add-On Switch features a revolutionary design that incorporates QuickFit and SimpleWire technologies, providing groundbreaking home automation capabilities. These unique advancements make the controls easier to install and more reliable than ever before. QuickFit technology includes improved components that have reduced the housing depth by up to 20% compared to previous models, eliminating the need for heat tabs. This makes QuickFit enhancements ideal for older-style switch boxes, multigang configurations, or any other application with limited space. Additionally, the switch is light-commercial capable, rated for universal 120/277VAC use, and can work in a variety of systems, supporting common home installation with 120VAC smart controls or light-commercial applications through 277VAC automation devices.

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