GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 5 Starter Kit (8 GB) with ABS case, Armor Lite V5 Cooler, power supply, 64GB card, HDMI cables, and storage box on a white background.

GeeekPi for Raspberry Pi 5 Starter Kit (8 GB)

The GeeekPi for Raspberry Pi 5 Starter Kit (8 GB) offers a comprehensive package for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. It features the latest Pi 5 board with an 8 GB RAM capacity and a 2.4GHz quad-core Broadcom BCM2712 CPU. The kit includes a 27W USB-C power supply with Power Delivery technology, ensuring the Raspberry Pi 5 is efficiently powered with adjustable voltage options. The included GeeekPi case is constructed from lightweight ABS material and has a removable top for easy access to GPIO and other connectors. Active cooling is provided by the Armor Lite V5 Cooler, which incorporates a PWM-controlled fan and aluminium heatsink for effective temperature management. Additionally, the kit comes with a 64 GB card and reader, two micro HDMI cables, and a handy storage box for all components.

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