A sleek GLEDOPTO Smart LED Bulb Pro showcasing its vibrant colours, perfect for transforming any room with its diverse range of hues and innovative mesh functionality.

Gledopto Smart LED Bulb Pro (12W, E26)

The Gledopto Smart LED Bulb Pro is a colour-changing bulb that offers a vibrant and versatile lighting experience. Boasting 16 million colours and a colour temperature range of 2200 to 6500K, this bulb can effortlessly transform any room. With its improved Zigbee 3.0 connectivity, the GLEDOPTO Smart LED Bulb Pro reduces the delay between the bulb and gateway, ensuring multiple lights can be switched on and off simultaneously while smoothly adjusting the colour and white light. Additionally, the Pro Bulb features a mesh function, allowing it to act as a signal repeater and form a network with other Zigbee devices.

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