The Google Coral M.2 Accelerator A+E key is a compact M.2 module featuring an Edge TPU coprocessor, designed for seamless integration with compatible systems and products.

Google Coral M.2 Accelerator A+E key

The Google Coral M.2 Accelerator A+E key is an M.2 module designed to integrate the Edge TPU coprocessor with existing systems and products that have a compatible card module slot. This on-board coprocessor can efficiently perform 4 trillion operations per second, using just 0.5 watts for each tera-operation, enabling it to execute advanced mobile vision models like MobileNet v2 at 400 FPS. The Coral M.2 Accelerator can be integrated into any Debian-based Linux or Windows 10 system with a suitable card slot, and users can run TensorFlow Lite models on the Edge TPU without building models from scratch.

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