Google Nest Doorbell 2nd Gen with Battery - Smart Home Security Device Featuring HD Video Streaming, Night Vision, and Intelligent Alerts

Google Nest Doorbell – (Battery, 2nd Gen)

The Google Nest Doorbell (Battery, 2nd Gen) is a versatile and intelligent addition to any home security system. With its built-in AI, this doorbell can distinguish between people, packages, animals, and vehicles, sending real-time alerts directly to your Google Home app. The device offers 24/7 live HD video streaming with HDR and night vision, ensuring you stay connected even during low-light conditions. Users can access up to 3 hours of free event video history, or opt for a Nest Aware subscription for extended event video storage. Designed to withstand Wi-Fi and power outages, the Nest Doorbell can store up to 1 hour of recorded events when offline. Its adaptable installation options, wired or wire-free, make it suitable for any door. Enhance your communication with visitors through the Google Home app, pre-recorded messages, or hands-free live video streaming with compatible Google Nest and Amazon smart displays. The Google Nest Doorbell offers a comprehensive and user-friendly security solution for modern homeowners.

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