An image of the Google Nest Guard, a sleek home security device with a number pad, a light ring that changes colour according to its status, and an Info button for important messages. It also features a built-in motion sensor and a panic button.

Google Nest Guard

The Google Nest Guard is a versatile home security device that provides several ways of arming and disarming the alarm, including a numerical passcode and a Nest Tag key fob. The device uses audible alerts and a colour-changing light ring to communicate its status, for example, when the alarm is armed, it instructs you to enter your passcode and the light ring turns yellow, indicating remaining time to disarm. Guard also features an Info button that lights up to signal important messages. Beyond functioning as an alarm keypad, it comes with a built-in motion sensor capable of detecting movement up to 10 feet away. Additionally, a panic button is provided for quick activation of the alarm.

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