A compact and versatile HiLetgo PN532 NFC RFID reader/writer with multiple communication mode support, compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi, ideal for embedding into projects.

HiLetgo PN532

The HiLetgo PN532 is a versatile and compact NFC RFID reader and writer, making it ideal for various projects. It is compatible with ESPHome, Arduino IDE, and Raspberry Pis and can easily be embedded into your project due to its small size. This device supports I2C, SPI, and HSU (High Speed UART) communication modes, with an on-board level shifter providing standard 5V TTL for I2C and UART, and 3.3V TTL for SPI. The HiLetgo PN532 is capable of reading and writing a wide range of RFID cards, including Mifare 1k, 4k, Ultralight, DesFire, ISO/IEC 14443-4 cards such as CD97BX, CD light, Desfire, P5CN072 (SMX), Innovision Jewel cards like IRT5001 card, and FeliCa cards such as RCS_860 and RCS_854.

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