A JST-XH 2.54mm Kit, including male and female connectors with standard pitch size, commonly used for wire-to-board connections in electronics.

JST-XH-2.54mm Kit

The JST-XH 2.54mm is a specific type of electrical connector manufactured by JST, a company based in Japan. The '2.54mm' represents the pitch of the connector, which is the distance from the centre of one pin to the centre of the next. This is a common pitch size, frequently referred to as 'standard' or '0.1 inch' pitch. The JST-XH connectors are often employed in electronics for wire-to-board connections where a cable needs to be easily connected or disconnected from a circuit board. The connectors usually come in a male and female pair, with the female part attached to the wires and the male part mounted on the PCB.

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