Image showing the LIFX Clean (A19, 1100 lumens) bulb, a smart LED bulb with features for adjustable brightness, full colour spectrum, and bacteria-neutralising HEV mode.

LIFX Clean (A19, 1100 lumens)

The LIFX Clean (A19, 1100 lumens) is a smart light bulb equipped with advanced features for added convenience and safety. It includes a High Energy Visible (HEV) mode, with additional LEDs which can neutralize bacteria but are harmless to skin or pets. The bulb has an ultra-bright output of 1100 lumens, but can be dimmed via voice or app for adjustable ambience. It offers a full colour spectrum with 550 billion potential colour steps, and RGBW LEDs for richer colours alongside a huge 1500-9000K white range. The bulb operates via Wi-Fi, allowing control from anywhere without the need for a bridge or hub, and utilizes a 2.4GHz frequency.

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