A brightly lit LIFX Color (A19, 1100 lumens) light bulb, showcasing its unique industrial design and the vibrant array of colours it can produce.

LIFX Color (A19, 1100 lumens)

The LIFX Color (A19, 1100 lumens) is a highly versatile light bulb that is not only exceedingly bright, but also able to be dimmed via a voice command or app. Its full colour capabilities encompass an impressive 550 billion possible colour steps, utilizing RGBW LEDs to achieve richer colours and an expansive 1500-9000K white range. The bulb's distinctive industrial design contributes to its overall light distribution throughout a room, and its aesthetic is particularly well-suited to pendants and exposed fixtures. The use of Wi-Fi allows the user to control the bulb from any location, without the need for a bridge or hub, using a 2.4GHz connection.

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