A sleek, compact black LILYGO T-Camera S3 with a high-resolution OV2640 camera lens and a small OLED screen, accompanied by visible microprocessor and memory chips.

LILYGO T-Camera S3

The LILYGO T-Camera S3 is a compact, yet powerful device equipped with an OV2640 camera that boasts a UXGA resolution of 1622×1200. It features a 0.96 inch (2.44 cm) OLED I2C SSD1306 screen with a display of 128×64 pixels. The device is powered by an ESP32-S3FN1 6R8 Dual-core microprocessor and supports Wi-Fi 802.11, BLE 5, plus BT mesh. The T-Camera S3 also includes 8 MB PSRAM and 16 MB Flash memory for efficient data storage and handling.

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