A compact LM2596 DC-DC Step Down Variable Volt Regulator, capable of converting input voltages between 3-40V to output voltages between 1.5-35V, with added safety features like short circuit and over-temperature protection.

LM2596 DC-DC Step Down Variable Volt Regulator (3.0-40V to 1.5-35V)

The LM2596 DC-DC Step Down Variable Volt Regulator is a versatile device that accepts an input voltage range of 3-40V DC, provided it is 1.5V higher than the desired output voltage. It is capable of supplying output voltages between 1.5-35V DC, with a maximum output current of 3A. Users can conveniently adjust the output voltage using a screwdriver. Additionally, the regulator features short circuit and over-temperature protection for added safety and reliability.

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