A sleek, black, cylindrical Logitech Circle View camera with a matte finish, mounted on a wall with its power cable subtly blending into the background.

Logitech Circle View

The Logitech Circle View is a user-friendly, motion-detection home security camera. It offers a robust, weatherproof IP64-rated body and comes with a wall mounting bracket for easy installation. The device incorporates the best-in-class Logitech TrueView video with 180° field-of-view optics and 1080p HD for razor-sharp detail. It is equipped with a high-quality sensor with a wide dynamic range, ensuring clear pictures in contrasting light conditions. The camera also features superior infrared-powered night vision, offering clear visibility in the dark up to 15ft (4.57 m). For privacy, the camera can be tilted down or switched off instantly. The Circle View's design complements any home with its metal base, matte finish, and a seamlessly blending power cable.

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