The LOLIN D1 Mini SHT30 Shield, showcasing its compact size with clearly labelled I2C interface, separable board design, and precision sensor for temperature and humidity measurements.

LOLIN D1 Mini SHT30 Shield

The LOLIN D1 Mini SHT30 Shield is an accessory for the D1 Mini board that features a high-precision SHT30 sensor, providing both humidity and temperature measurements. It utilizes an I2C interface for communication, allowing for simple integration with the D1 Mini and other I2C-compatible devices. The shield offers two user-selectable addresses, which facilitate the use of multiple shields on the same I2C bus. It has a typical accuracy of ±3%RH for humidity and ±0.3 °C for temperature. The design of the shield is separable, and it includes Φ2 mm mounting holes for secure attachment.

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