An isolated image of the Prusa Research Original Prusa MK4.

Original Prusa MK4

Release date: March, 2023

The Original Prusa MK4, the latest prodigy in the Original Prusa 3D printer line-up, has arrived with a flourish, boasting high-speed 3D printing and unparalleled reliability. It inherits the virtues of the acclaimed MK3—an open-source, easily maintained 3D printing stallion equipped with advanced safety features—and elevates them to new heights. A master-stroke of engineering, the MK4 ensures an impeccable, smooth first layer, courtesy of its loadcell sensor. Bid adieu to tedious manual adjustments! The cutting-edge Nextruder and 32-bit connected platform usher in a plethora of quality-of-life enhancements, including remote printing, swift nozzle swaps, and a customizable user interface complete with a one-click printing option.

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