OV2640 Wide-Angle Camera Module with a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor and 140-degree lens, capable of capturing high-resolution images.

OV2640 Wide-Angle Camera Module

The OV2640 Wide-Angle Camera Module is equipped with a 1/4 inch CMOS UXGA (1632 × 1232) image sensor which is compact and operates at a low voltage. This sensor provides comprehensive functionality equivalent to that of a single-chip UXGA camera combined with an image processor. It offers flexibility through SCCB bus control, allowing it to deliver 8/10-bit image data and supports multiple resolutions through full-frame, subsampling, scaling, and windowed capture methods. The camera module achieves up to 15 fps for UXGA resolution, while higher frame rates are obtainable at lower resolutions—30 fps for SVGA and 60 fps for CIF. A notable feature of this module is its 140° wide-angle lens, which is capable of capturing a broad view of the scene from a relatively close distance.

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