An image of the Power Supply (12V/5A) showcasing its sleek design, with its output adaptor jack and female DC connector clearly visible. This device ensures voltage consistency and is equipped with multiple safety features for optimal electronic product protection.

Power Supply (12V/5A)

The Power Supply (12V/5A) is designed to function with an input of 100V-240V 50/60Hz and provides a maximum output of DC 12V 5A. It features an output adaptor jack size of 5.5 mm × 2.5 mm, which is also compatible with 5.5 mm × 2.1 mm. It comes equipped with a series of safety features including automatic overload cut-off, over-voltage cut-off, automatic thermal cut-off, and short circuit protection. The power supply ensures voltage consistency, preventing fluctuations at power on, during transmission, reception, or at power off, thereby protecting your electronic products. Additionally, it includes a female DC connector, negating the need for soldering whilst connecting wires.

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