A digital thermometer hygrometer, the Qingping CGDK2, shown against a white background. This small, rectangular device features a clear LCD screen displaying temperature and humidity readings.

Qingping Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Lite (CGDK2)

The Qingping Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Lite (CGDK2) is a highly accurate and efficient indoor temperature and humidity monitor. It features a segment LCD screen for easy reading of measurements and has ultra-low power consumption. The device utilizes a Swiss-made built-in sensor that ensures fast, sensitive, and precise readings, with a temperature range of 14 ~ 122 °F (-9.9 ~ 50 °C), and a humidity range of 0% ~ 99.9%RH. A button on the product's back allows users to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It can be conveniently placed on a wall, desktop or any iron surface, thanks to the supplied wall sticker, stand, and the built-in magnet. The product comes with a CR2430 button cell and boasts 8 ~ 12 months of battery life in typical indoor environments.

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Qingping Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Lite (CGDK2) guides

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