An image of the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, a sophisticated device designed to automatically empty dust after each cleanup, with a large-capacity bag and multiple layers of air filtration.

roborock Auto-Empty Dock (S7, S7 MaxV)

The Roborock Auto-Empty Dock is designed to automatically empty the dust after each cleanup, reducing the frequency of manual dustbin emptying. It allows users to empty the bin without creating a mess, all while keeping the dustbin clean. The dock comes with a large-capacity 3L bag that can hold up to 120 days of dust. Users can choose from Smart, Light, Balanced, and Max emptying options, with the Smart mode dynamically adjusting emptying based on recent cleaning habits and frequency. The Auto-Empty Dock can be powered on and off via the app, and it features multiple layers of air filtration to lock fine dust away inside the dock, thereby keeping the air clean.

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