Image showing the Roborock E5, a sleek and modern floor cleaning device with advanced features such as OpticEye, dual gyroscopes and an optional mopping system for efficient and thorough cleaning.

roborock e5

The Roborock E5 is an advanced floor cleaning device that utilises OpticEye and dual gyroscopes to efficiently map and clean areas with a z-shape path. The device can be controlled remotely via the Mi Home app, providing the ability to start and stop cleanups using voice commands. The Roborock E5 boasts a 2500PA HyperForce suction to effectively pick up dust and hair from floors and carpets, with Carpet Boost ensuring maximum power on carpets. Powered by a robust battery, the Roborock E5 can deliver up to 200 minutes of continuous cleaning, covering an area of 2152sqft on a single charge. The device incorporates a large 640ml dustbin and an optional 180ml adjustable water tank for mopping (sold separately), enhancing its cleaning capabilities.

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