A sleek, circular roborock Q7 Max+ robotic vacuum cleaner, showcasing its advanced cleaning and navigation features.

roborock Q7 Max+

The roborock Q7 Max+ is an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with an Auto-Empty Dock Pure which automatically empties the robot post-cleanup into a 2.5L dust bag, capable of storing up to seven weeks of debris. It boasts a powerful suction of 4200Pa that lifts debris, pet hair, and dust from floors and carpets, with an automatic increase in suction upon detecting carpets for deep cleaning. The Q7 Max+ can vacuum and mop simultaneously using an electronic pump offering 30 water flow levels, allowing for tailored cleaning to match your floor types. It utilises accurate LiDAR navigation for precise mapping and tracking of cleaning routes, with added capability to view in 3D and add furniture and floor materials for a virtual recreation of your home. The combined 470 ml dustbin and 350 ml water tank allow for extended cleaning without the need for emptying or refilling. The all-rubber brush is resistant to hair tangles, making it ideal for long hair and pet hair, and maintains effective cleaning on uneven surfaces due to its four planes of movement. The Q7 Max+ is powered by a super-sized battery that provides up to 180 minutes of runtime, or a maximum vacuuming range of 3229 sqft.

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