The image displays the sleek and modern roborock S7 MaxV Plus, a high-tech home cleaning device equipped with features like automatic dust collection, sonic vibration mopping, and real-time video calling.

roborock S7 MaxV Plus

The roborock S7 MaxV Plus is a high-tech cleaning device equipped with a variety of features designed to make home maintenance easier. It boasts an automatic dust collection system that lasts up to 120 days without needing emptying, and a multi-stage filtration system to keep your home air fresh. The device utilizes a camera for object recognition and structured light sensing to avoid hazards, and is equipped with an LED light for day or night use. It provides a choice between a maximum suction of 5100Pa or a runtime of up to 180 minutes. The device also incorporates sonic vibration technology to mop effectively, automatically lifting the mop when carpets are detected. A standout feature is the ability to make real-time video calls through the robot, which is protected by high-level security. The roborock S7 MaxV Plus uses 3D mapping to understand your home better, and allows for tailored cleaning with multi-level mapping, room specific settings, No-Go Zones, and No-Mop Zones. It also features ultra-precise LiDAR navigation to track the robot's location in real time.

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