A sleek and powerful Seagate IronWolf internal hard drive, the perfect solution for multi-user NAS environments requiring high-performance and reliability.

Seagate IronWolf

The Seagate IronWolf internal hard drives are specifically designed for up to 8-bay, multi-user NAS environments seeking top-notch performance. With a data transfer rate of 6.0 Gbps, and a NAS-optimised hard drive offering 8 TB of storage and a cache of up to 256 MB, IronWolf ensures efficient storage and faster work processes. Built purposely for NAS enclosures, it provides minimal wear and tear, negligible noise and vibration, no lags or downtime, and enhanced file-sharing performance. The integrated IronWolf Health Management system allows seamless monitoring of drive health, while a 1M hours MTBF ensures long-term reliability. The package comes with a five-year limited product warranty protection plan and a three-year Rescue Data Recovery Services.

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