A detailed image of the Sensirion SPS30, a compact particulate matter sensor designed for accurate detection of PM2.5 air pollutants.

Sensirion SPS30

The Sensirion SPS30 is an MCERTS-certified particulate matter (PM) sensor that signifies a novel breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle relies on laser scattering and incorporates Sensirion's unique contamination-resistance technology. This technology, coupled with high-quality, durable components, facilitates accurate measurements from the device's initial operation and throughout its lifespan of over ten years. The SPS30 is specifically designed to detect PM2.5, which are small particles that can penetrate deep into the human lung, triggering health issues such as asthma attacks and cardiovascular disease. The device comes with an easy-to-use 5-pin cable, featuring a 1.5mm connector broken out to 5 colour-coded, breadboard-friendly wires. Furthermore, the SPS30 offers a five-pin interface that supports UART and I2C protocols, requires a 5V power supply, and is compatible with both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers, with 5V and 3.3V tolerant logic.

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