The Shelly 1 PM, a Compact Smart Home Device for Easy Energy Monitoring and Integration with Home Automation Systems

Shelly 1 PM

The Shelly 1 PM is a versatile and innovative smart home device that boasts an embedded web server, enabling users to easily set up and manage their home automation systems. Its compact design allows for seamless installation in tight spaces such as wall mounts and electrical control panels. Compatible with various home automation controllers, the Shelly 1 PM can be used as an accessory or integrated as a component in other automation systems. One of its key features is energy consumption monitoring, suitable for electrical circuits up to 3.5 kW, providing users with valuable insights on usage, overload, and temperature protection. With the ability to remotely control and monitor the device, the Shelly 1 PM offers users a convenient and efficient solution for enhancing their smart home experience.

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