Shelly 2.5 Smart Home Device, Compact Dual-Circuit Controller for Energy Monitoring and Motorized Appliances

Shelly 2.5

The Shelly 2.5 is a versatile and compact smart home device designed to provide users with seamless control over their home automation systems. Its embedded web server enables easy setup without the need for additional controllers or hubs, making it a convenient solution for those looking to simplify their smart home experience. Its compact design is perfect for installation in limited spaces such as wall mounts and electrical control panels. The Shelly 2.5 is compatible with two electrical circuits (up to 2.3 kW each) and offers energy consumption monitoring, overload, and temperature protection for each channel. Additionally, its bidirectional motor control module makes it an ideal choice for controlling motorized devices like curtains, blinds, and garage doors. As a standalone device, the Shelly 2.5 can function independently or as an accessory to a home automation controller, offering flexibility to users looking to enhance their home automation systems.

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